How The Five Minute Journal Improved My Happiness

The Five-Minute Journal is one of favorite things to do every morning and night!  It focuses on positive psychology in order to improve your happiness.  It is the perfect journal for people who have always wanted to journal but were intimidated by the commitment or by what to write.  Whenever I would try to journal when I was younger I would last a few days at best, but this journal makes it so easy!  They prompt you with a few different questions to answer each morning and night: I am grateful for…  What would make today great?   Daily affirmations.  I am…  3 Amazing things that happened today…  How could I have made today even better?

I find that it is the perfect way to unwind at night and helps me appreciate the all that I have in my life.  Lastly, I love being able to flip through the journal and look back to a specific memory or day that effected me or my medical practices!

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