Five Surprising Facts About Working in The ER

Why Emergency nursing?

  • For the excitement and immediate gratification that comes with being a nurse in the Emergency Department.  When you can fix an emergent problem and make the patient stable or feel better, is what it’s all about.

What are three words to describe emergency nurses?

  • Resilient, quick thinking, and badass.

What is the most exciting part of working in the Emergency Department?

  • Saving a life is definitely the most exciting, having the ability to bring someone back that has coded or been through an extensive trauma is exhilarating.  Most emergency staff live for the anticipation of a code 99 or trauma.

What is the most difficult part of working in the emergency room?

  • Seeing the family of a patient that has just passed, seeing the hurt and hopelessness in their eyes, and knowing you can’t do anything at this point to ease their pain.
  • It is also hard as nurse in emergency department to deal with certain patients that will yell at you, hit you, abuse you, degrade you, and threaten you, while you are just trying to do your job.  This aspect of the job is very difficult.

What makes emergency nursing different from floor nursing?

  • In the Emergency Department we do focused assessments, so we only assess what they are here for.  Our main goal is keeping the patient alive.

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