Accupressure Mats; Are They Worth All The Hype?

Acupressure mats have recently been circling the internet like crazy.  However, mats like this have actually been around for hundreds of years.  In Indian and Chinese cultures they would use beds of nails to induce relaxation.  These modern-day versions are supposed to act similarly to help the user relieve stress and pain.

The mats are covered in small plastic dials that have small pins.  These points are supposed to cause mild pain which triggers a release of endorphins in the body.  The endorphin release is said to lead to improved circulation, decreased neck and back pain, a reduction in muscle tension, and decreased anxiety.  These are benefits that are listed by many different companies that sell the mats and reported by many of the users.  In one research article I read, in which they did a systemic review of 15 studies, they found that acupressure is effective for relieving a variety of pains in different populations. They also suggested that health care providers incorporate acupressure into their practice for patients suffering from pain.

I have had my mat for a few days now and am loving it.  I use mine for 15-20 minutes before going to bed or after a workout.  I usually wear a thin t-shirt to act as a barrier between my skin and the pins.  The pins do hurt a little at first but your skin quickly gets used to it.  I am not sure if I feel any decrease in pain per say but I do feel like it helps with muscle aches after working out and helps me to relax and unwind from a hectic day.  I got mine from Amazon it was $29.99 and came with the back pad and neck pillow.  Have you tried acupressure?  Let me know your thoughts below!

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