Easy Taco Tuesday with Yellowfin Tuna Fish

Fish Tacos are one of my favorite things to have for dinner.  They can easily be made with whatever ingredients you already have at home, which is exactly what I want after a long shift at work!

  • For these fish tacos I used the Siete tortillas as the base.  I love these tortillas because they have no additives.  They are only made from really good ingredients.  The cassava and coconuts are my favorite because they are a little sweet and I am a sucker for anything coconut.
  • I used Whole Foods 365 plain fat free yogurt in the place of sour cream mixed with the juice of one lime.  I spreaded out a small dollop of this on the bottom of the tortilla then added the lettuce.  I love the crunch that lettuce or any greens (spinach, argula, etc.) can bring to a taco.
  • I sauted the yellowfin tuna burger on the stove top roughly 4 minutes on each side, again you can use any fish you have already, this is just what I had in my freezer!
  • I sprinkled the tuna burger with a little bit of Wildtree taco seasoning.  This taco seasoning is one of my favorites because it doesn’t have any scary ingredients like silicon dioxide which is in a lot of taco seasonings.
  • I then added a little bit of the premade salsa from Whole Foods 365 and then seasoned with fresh cilantro.

Easy as that, because who wants to cook an elaborate meal after being on your feet for the 12h!  They were super delicious and only took about 10 minutes to make! What is your favorite way to make fish tacos?

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